Tell us about the business challenge and what you want to communicate. We will handle the rest.  We have a mix of competences. Our team consists of experienced copywriters, screenwriters, journalists, TV program creators, and brand managers.

One off films

In order to present your message in an engaging manner we perform a research concerning the subject in question. Then we feed our creation department with knowledge. We turn the creative idea into a video plan and present it to you.


The screenplay constitutes an efficient work tool especially in terms of larger projects, when on the client’s side there are a few people engaged in preparing the production.

Creating multi-episode video formats

We develop an idea, budget, and production plan for multi-episode programs. We have experience in terms of both Internet and TV productions. Thanks to modern execution methods which optimize costs. Multi-episode programs constitute a great communication tool.

Online video strategy

We support you in taking advantage of online video as a marketing and communication tool. Each day we work at the touchpoint of pop-culture, marketing, and entertainment. Thanks to this we possess proper knowledge in terms of trends and development directions concerning modern communication.

Developing campaigns with the use of a video

To get the best results your campaign needs synergy between content and the advertising medium. We prepare promotional campaigns for the produced content. Partner media houses are responsible for purchasing the media.

Building own communication channels

Communicate directly with your viewer. On a website via an own player, on YouTube, or Facebook. We advise and implement own channels for communicating with the viewers.

Other Services

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